03 Months Course Content / Lesson Plan

3D Animation (Realistic Rendering)Download
Advance CNCDownload
Advance Web Application DevelopmentDownload
Advanced CAD CAMDownload
AI and Robotics Hourly Course outlinesDownload
AI Machine Learning Deap LearningDownload
Amazon VA Hourly Course outlinesDownload
Artificial InseminationDownload
B-04 Project ManagementDownload
Bakery & Pastry makingDownload
Barista Skills (Fast Food)Download
Big Data AnalyticsDownload
Block Chain Development.Download
CIT(Web, Software & Mobile Web DevelopmentDownload
Computer Application & Office ProfessionalDownload
Computerized AccountingDownload
Computerized Braille CompositionDownload
CON-12 Mobile Phone RepairingDownload
Customer Services and Sales RepresentativeDownload
Data Base Administration (DBA) TrackDownload
Data Mining and Business IntelligenceDownload
Digital Marketing & SEO Hourly Course outlinesDownload
Documentary & Film Making (Digital Broadcasting)Download
Driver HTVDownload
Energy Efficiency ManagementDownload
Fashion Designing and Dress MakingDownload
Fiber Optic TechnicianDownload
Graphic Designing UIUXDownload
Heavy Machinery Operator (including Buldozer, Loader, Crane, Dozzier, Grader)Download
Home Appliance Repair & MaintenanceDownload
Industrial AutomationDownload
Industrial Stitching Machine OperatorDownload
Intelligent Hybrid Electric VehiclesDownload
Internet of Things (IoT) System Development and ApplicationsDownload
Network and cloud computing Hourly Course outlinesDownload
Overhead Crane Operator in Shipping IndustryDownload
Professional ChefDownload
Programmable Logical Controller (PLC)Download
Textile Designing with CADDownload
TLM2024_3 -month- Interior designDownload
TLM2024_Applied GISDownload
TLM2024_Automotive MechatronicsDownload
TLM2024_CEH TLMDownload
TLM2024_Certificate in IELTS (Contents)Download
TLM2024_Course Content Basic Japanese Language NAVTCCDownload
TLM2024_Digital and Precision Agriculture ModulesDownload
TLM2024_Domestic Electrical Appliance TechnitionDownload
TLM2024_domestic worker TLMDownload
TLM2024_Drilling Technology course NAVTCC 13-12-2023Download
TLM2024_Drone Applications in Agriculture 13-12-2023 Download
TLM2024_E Commerce TLMDownload
TLM2024_ECCE NAVTTC 3 Months Curriculum FinalDownload
TLM2024_Final Module-Fundamentals of MiningDownload
TLM2024_Fitness Trainer Instructor CourseDownload
TLM2024_Full Stack Developer TLMDownload
TLM2024_Goldsmith (Basic)Download
TLM2024_GOV of Pakistan Outdoor Eductaion_ Mountaineering Download
TLM2024_Hi-tech Automotive Junior TechnicianDownload
TLM2024_Hybrid seed production and contarct farmingDownload
TLM2024_Korean Language Course ContentDownload
TLM2024_Laser hall markingDownload
TLM2024_Master Caster Course ContentDownload
TLM2024_Microsoft .Net + React JS 3 Months TLMDownload
TLM2024_oracle and angular TLM TemplateDownload
TLM2024_Printing & Packaging TechnologyDownload
TLM2024_Professional Stone SetterDownload
TLM2024_Python(Django) + Angular TLM TemplateDownload
TLM2024_Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture ModuleDownload
TLM2024_Salesforce certified AdministartorDownload
TLM2024_Smart IoT Technologies in Agriculture ModuleDownload
TLM2024_Sports trainer course outlineDownload
TLM2024_Tissue Culture FinalDownload
UPS & Solar PV TechnicianDownload
Veterinary, Poultry Dairy AssistantDownload
Wheelchair Making and RepairingDownload
AI Data Science Data Mining and Blockchain TechnologiesDownload
Fruit Plants Pruning Budding Layering TechniquesDownload
Security Guard TLMDownload
Tunnel FarmingDownload
Android Java + DatabaseDownload
B-04 Project ManagementDownload
Docker Certified AssociateDownload
Google UX Design Professional Certificate TLMDownload
M-08 Gemology CarvingDownload
Networking & Cloud Computing - AWSDownload
Networking & Cloud Computing - MicroSoftDownload
Networking & Cloud Computing - MS AzureDownload
Professional PhotographyDownload
TERP10-SAP ERP Integration of Business ProcessesDownload
CIT (Web Development)Download