NAVTTC Officials

The focal person & official person for media in NAVTTC is Deputy Director Media Mr.Muhammad Ejaz Phone No.051-9044107 and email ‐
All concerned are requested to contact him for any queries etc.

1Dr. Khalid MahmoodDirector General (Admn & Finance)209205815
2Mr. Abdul Hafeez AbbasiDirector General (SS&C)209207518
3Dr. Khalid Mahmood (Addl Charge)Director General (Planning & Development)209215874
4Mr. Shafique Hussain KhokharDirector General (AC&IC)209215385
5Mrs.Shagufta NazDirector (Accreditation)199044357
6Mr. Asif Rasool LarikDirector (Coordination)199044123
7Ms. Ambreena Bakhtiar (Addl Charge)Director (M&E/Trg)199044402
8Mr. Ashraf AliDirector (Admn)199208195
9Mr. Muhammad Ashar NaumanDirector (Project Development & Appraisal)199044409
10Ms. Amina Gillani (Current Charge)Director (IC)199044358
11Mr. Abdul Hafeez AbbasiDirector (NSIS)199044444
12Mr. Mehboob Khan JogezaiDirector (Certification)199044355
13Mr. Sikandar Hayat Gondal (Current Charge)Director (Finance)199044305
14Mr. Farrukh Sear RiazDirector (Audit)199044318
15Ms. Ambreena BakhtiarDirector (Skill Standards & Curricula)199044255
16Mr. Khalid Masood Aziz (Addl Charge)Deputy Director (Finance)189044304
17Mr. Salman MirzaDeputy Director (Accreditation-II)189044250
18Mr. Muhammad NaveedDeputy Director (Coord)189044205
19Ms. Syeda Amina GillaniDeputy Director (International Cooperation)189044366
20Mr. Zeeshan AliDeputy Director (Vocational Training)189044441
21Mr. Muhammad EjazDeputy Director (Media)189044306
22Mr. Kamal Abdul AmirDeputy Director (RPL)189044416
23Mr. Muhammad AhmadDeputy Director (M&E)189044420
24Mr. Muhammad Arif ChandioDeputy Director (NSIS)189044445
25Mr. Muhammad AhmadDeputy Director (Accreditation-I)189044186
26Mr. Shahzad Ahmad (Addl Charge)Deputy Director (Accreditation-III)189044310
27Ms. Farzana FarooqDeputy Director (Training), ToT Section189044207
28Mr. Naeem YaqoobDeputy Director (P&BD)189044413
29Mr. Shahzad AhmedDeputy Director (Certification)189044352
30Mr. Arshad Mahmood AwanDeputy Director (Audit)189044317
31Mr. Khalid Masood AzizDeputy Director (Accounts)189044309
32Mr. Zurgham ShahzadDeputy Director (HRM)189044252
33Syed Tauseef AliDeputy Director (GA-I)179044307
34Ms. Ifza NawazAssistant Director (Accreditation-I)179044353
35Mr. Aamer ZahoorAssistant Director (P&D)179044413
36Ms. Tanzila NawazAssistant Director (Research)179044252
37Syed Tauseef AliAssistant Director (GA-I)179044315
38Mr. Shakeel AhmedAssistant Director (Audit-I)179044319
39Mr. Abdul WaheedAssistant Director (M&E)179044360
40Ch. Muhammad Javed IqbalAssistant Director (Audit-III)179044477
41Mr. Shahid ImranAssistant Director (Audit-II)179044319
42Mr. Muhammad AsimAssistant Director (Vocational Training)179044253
43Mr. Zubair NawazAssistant Director (Admin-I)179044315
44Mr. Aftab AlamAssistant Director (Admn-II)179044141
45Mr. Muhammad RamzanProtocol Officer179044102
46Mr. Muhammad NisarDrawing & Disbursing Officer179044310
47Mr. Malik Muhammad ArshadAssistant Accounts Officer(Finance)179044304
48Mr. Naveed AsgharAssistant Accounts Officer (Accounts)179044309
49Mr. Shakir ur RehmanPrivate Secretary179044102