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Batch 3 TLM

1B-07 SAP HCMDownload
2IT-01 Artificial Intelligence (Robotics)Download
3H-02 Restaurant ManagerDownload
4Motor Winding-convertedDownload
5H-09 Event Mgt. Cooking & CateringDownload
6M-08 Gemology CarvingDownload
7B-10 SAP FIDownload
8M-09 Gemology FacetingDownload
9CON-02 Final Plumber with Solar water HeatingDownload
10CON-11 UPS & Solar PV TechnicianDownload
11B-11 Customer Services and Sales Representative ready for submissionDownload
12B-03 Computerized AccountingDownload
13Domestic Electrical Appliances and TechnicianDownload
14M-04 AutoCAD MechanicalDownload
15CON-04 Computer Network AssistantDownload
16H-11 Barista SkillsDownload
17A-01 Agricultural Farm ManagerDownload
18P-04 Energy Efficiency ManagementDownload
19B-26 Health Safety EnvironmentDownload
20CON-10 Industrial ElectricianDownload
21CON-03 BeauticianDownload
22T-01 Textile Designing with CAD CAMDownload
23B-12 Final Oracle DBA TrackDownload
24B-01 Applied Supply Chain ManagementDownload
25A-03 Livestock ManagerDownload
26CON-07 Dress MakingDownload
27CON-05 Fashion Designing and Dress MakingDownload
28M-03 Industrial AutomationDownload
29B-20 WQTT TechnicianDownload
30A-05 Integrated Pest ManagementDownload
31C-01 Advance Civil SurveyDownload
32Adda WorkDownload
33Pattern Drafting & CuttingDownload
34IT-10 CIT Development(Web, Software, Mobile Application Devleopment)Download
35CON-24 Computer Application & Office ManagementDownload
36IT-12 CIT (Game Development & Modelling)Download
37Building Electrician and Solar PV TechnicianDownload
38M-06 Advanced WeldingDownload
39T-04 Textile spinningDownload
40CON-14 MachinistDownload
41Textile HandicraftDownload
42H-03 Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDownload
43IT-17 Documentary and Film MakingDownload
44A-02 AgribusinessDownload
45IT-13 CIT Designing (UI UX) Web App DesigningDownload
46IT-03 Data Science and Analytics (Business Intelligence)Download
47H-07 CHEF DE PARTIEDownload
48IT-20 E-commerceDownload
49C-02 Construction Materials Testing-REVISEDDownload
51H-04 Food Technology (Preservation and Processing)Download
52Tractor Driver and MechanicDownload
53Citrus ProductionDownload
54Certificate in Oracle ERPDownload
55Ceative Arts (Fine Arts)Download
56Fire Safety TechnicianDownload
57Citrus ProcessingDownload
58IT-15 Graphic Designing & Video EditingDownload
59CON-16 Heavy Machinery OperatorDownload
60B-23 Export Import DocumentationDownload
61B-18 WWTTDownload
62M-07 Ship Steel FabricationDownload
63Web Designing and Graphic DesigningDownload
64A-15 Animal Disease controlDownload
65IT-06 Certificate in Cyber SecurityDownload
66Data Mining BIDownload
67B-04 Project ManagementDownload
68T-03 Industrial stitchingDownload
69B-15 Paint less Dent Repair & Vehicle Paint Technician (2)Download
70Graphic Design (Print Media)Download
71CON-01 WeldingDownload
72Advanced CAD-CAMDownload
73IT-11 CIT (Web Development with Python)Download
74Health and Safety OfficerDownload
75B-19 WQTTDownload
76Fahion StylistDownload
77B-05 SAP – B1Download
78T-02 Industrial Stitching Machine OperatorDownload
79B-06 SAP MMDownload
80Web Designing and Web EngineeringDownload
81Boiler OperatorDownload
82M-05 CAD-CAE fo Digital ManufacturingDownload
83B-21 Beauty therapy, Hair Styling and Skin CareDownload
84IT-29 System Administration and IT infrastructureDownload
85T-05 Quality Control and TestingDownload
86A-12 Fish FarmingDownload
87A-13 Hydroponic FarmingDownload
88IT-25 Fiber Optic TechnicianDownload
89IT-05 Internet of Things (IOT) system development and ApplicationDownload
90CON-12 Mobile Phone RepairingDownload
91P-02 Renewable Energy ( Solar & Biomass)Download
92CON-23 Repair & Maintenance of Home AppliancesDownload
93CON-38 Motorcycle MechanicDownload
94A-09 Honey bee farm managerDownload
95P-01 Renewable Energy ( Solar & Wind )Download
96CON-18 Auto MechanicDownload
97P-05 Advance Electrical Power SystemDownload
98IT-24 Offset Printing Machine OperatorDownload
99A-11 Arificial InseminationDownload
100B-14 Automotive MechatronicsDownload
101M-12 Plastic Injection Molding Machine OperatorDownload
102IT-04 Big Data AnalyticsDownload
103M-02 Die and Moulds MakerDownload
104IT-21 Certificate in Digital MarketingDownload
105A-02 Tunnel farmingDownload
106IT-18 3D AnimationDownload
107IT-27 ComputerVisionDownload
108A-04 Pesticide and fertilizer technicianDownload
109B-08 SAP FIORIDownload
110C-05 Heavy Machinery MechanicDownload
111A-16 Poultry housing and managementDownload
112M-01 Advance CNC OperatorDownload
113IT-02 Artificial Intelligence(Deep learning and Machine learning )Download
114B-09 SAP ABAPDownload
115IT-19 SEO Digital MarketingDownload
116A-10 Poultry farm managerDownload
117IT-23 Post Printing OperationsDownload
118A-08 Kitchen GardeningDownload
119CON-37 Plant OperatorDownload
120T-09 Textile MerchandisingDownload
121T-08 Textile Dyeing and Printing (Wet Processing)Download
122A-06 Agriculture soil and water testingDownload
123H-10 Food & Beverages ManagementDownload
124M-16 Chemical supervisorDownload
125IT-09 Certificate in Office ManagementDownload
126CON-40 Machine EmbroideryDownload
127CON-06 Hand EmbroideryDownload
128A-07 Dairy farm manager and dairy businessDownload
129H-01 Hotel ManagementDownload
130H-05 Food Packaging and Quality ControlDownload
131A-17 Veterinary poultry and dairy assistantDownload
132IT-22 Blockchain programmingDownload
133B-02 Financial AccountingDownload
134M-18 Sheet MetalDownload
135IT-26 Advance Embedded Systems EPTEKDownload
136M-11 PCB Design & ManufacturingDownload
137M-14 Ceramics ManufacturingDownload
138T-06 Textile WeavingDownload
139CON-17 HVACDownload
140CON-13 Hand and Machine EmborioderyDownload
141A-14 Mushroom cultivationDownload
142CON-22 Cook_ChefDownload
143T-07 Textile Knitting (Knitting Machine Operator)Download
144H-06 Culinary arts Professional ChefDownload
145M-15 Mechatronics RoboticsDownload
146C-03 Advanced Auto CAD (Civil-Electrical)Download
147T-11 Textile testing and quality control in garmentsDownload
148H-08 Baking and PatisserieDownload
149IT-16 Graphic DesigningDownload
150CON-25 Graphic DesigningDownload
151Advance Product Design and CAMDownload
152IT-07 Networking and Cloud ComputingDownload
153IT-08 Certificate in CISCO Network AdministrationDownload
155Salesforce AdministratorDownload
156Salesforce DeveloperDownload
157Software DevelopmentDownload