What is Accreditation

Accredited means Trusted (endorsed, certified, credited, acknowledged). Accreditation is a Process & Result. As a Process, it is a review where accrediting body sets standards which are subject to Continuous Improvement & Up-gradation. Whereas a result, it is a form of recognition granted to only those who come up to the mark or fulfills set criteria.

In terms of TEVT Institutes, Accreditation has often been defined as Quality Assurance where credit is given to Institutes that are performing in terms of real service delivery. TEVT is not just theory it requires more hands on practice and application of mind (Practice).

TEVT Institutes shall have clear Strategies as how to train workforce as per International Acceptable Standards. TEVT Institutes must Honestly Pursue its objectives by Efficient Utilization of Available Means and strive for excellence. Quality TEVT Institutes can Build Confidence in an employer (Domestic/International). TEVT Institutes must know the Criteria for Accreditation Accreditation is the only solution to produce World Class Workforce.

Principles of Accreditation

Accrediting Agency sets certain standards & criteria to approve, recognize or grant accreditation status. It works as third-party to control bias in evaluation.

This provides a Competition-Base to do better. In addition to this, it strengthens Internal Controls such as Internal Evaluation and Audit and Self Assessment.

The Lead Assessors’s evaluation in terms of adequacy of a Program in an Institute to carry on its objectives as per set standards. Accreditation highlights the utilization of available resource to achieve its goals.

Accreditation Assessment Report helps Institute to improve weak areas and come up to set standards.


Top-Down Approach:
Structure/Processes and Standards defined at central level following traditional evidence based technical norms and protocols.

Client Preference Approach:
Where Quality is explored through qualitative /quantitative market practices, LMIS it involves industry, private sector, employer, TEVT Institutes (Training Providers)