TVET Sector Support Program (TSSP) – GIZ


Funded by the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, GIZ has been executing the TVET Sector Support Program (TSSP) in close collaboration of NAVTTC to develop and do the following:

  • Skills information system
  • Establish data collection and management system
  • Skills market demand management and analysis
  • Skills supply management and analysis
  • Establish digital platform for dissemination of timely information to stakeholder
  • Establishment of job placement and career counseling center(s)

In close liaison with NAVTTC’s P&D Wing, GIZ under TSSP has been training 18,000 youth of Sindh and Baluchistan under the ‘Training Fund.’

Establishment of National Skills Information System (NSIS) is one of the hallmark achievements of TSSP-GIZ. NSIS is aimed to provide timely and reliable information about demand driven workforce as and when required to the industry. The system provided one-touch access to NAVTTC, TVETAs, and key stakeholders to information about all TVET institutes, their capacities, teachers, enrollment, and skill market supply-demand conditions.