Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is an essential quality management tool to keep watch on progress of interventions and to issue alert where authorities’ intervention is needed. M&E is the most crucial operational area of P&D Wing. For this purpose, NAVTTC has developed its own android based monitoring and evaluation application that is linked on real-time basis with project management and monitoring system (PMMS) along with dashboard access to all key management personnel and field M&E operators.

NAVTTC’s M&E framework follow various methodologies including desk-monitoring, field visits, surprise visits, and 3rd party evaluations while collecting data through numerous means like observation, interview, analysis-examination, photographing, reporting by Regional office, and documentation for assessing activities against the set targets for each intervention both in financial as well as physical terms.

At present M&E section generates the following reports:

  • Fortnightly Reports on overall progress
  • Compilation of Monthly Training Data
  • Fund utilization-expenditure statement
  • Project Advisory Committee’s feedback
  • Review and M&E Reports received from the Regional Offices
  • Training Start, Mid-Training, and Training-End reports
  • Surprise visit report
  • 90 percent attendance criteria for payment of stipend, toolkits & issuance of certificate
  • Quarterly Review Meeting at HQs