NAVTTC has established 29 Industry Advisory Group (IAG) in different industrial sectors for institutionalization of involvement of industry in TVET reform activities. The rationale behind establishing the IAG is to involve industry representatives in providing labour market information, developing competency standards & curricula and formulation of TVET policy.

[IAG Membership Form – Click to download]


To firm up objective of developing Competency Standards and Curricula, NAVTTC has under taken formation of Industry Advisory Groups with the following TORs:

  • Provide platform to share, deliberate and evolve consensus on industrial need for skilled workforce;
  • Identify impediments impacting employability and absorption of trained workforce available in the market;
  • Evaluate existing competency standards and curricula to identify deficiencies and shortcoming;
  • Provide professional input to the process of competency standards and curriculum development;
  • Supervise the development of curricula in line with the evolving competency standards;
  • Provide regular feedback on labour market information specific to:
    • Skills shortage
    • Emerging skills demands
    • Public-Private Partnership for introducing innovating training methods
  • IAG may co-opt member or assume a reference considered essential for effective discharge of mandate


  1. Agriculture and Livestock
  2. Auto Industry
  3. Chemical
  4. Civil
  5. Construction
  6. Culinary Art
  7. Dairy Development
  8. Electrical
  9. Gemstone & Jewelry
  10. Hospitality
  11. Hotel Operation
  12. Industrial Automation
  13. Information Technology
  14. Leather by Products
  1. Leather Garments
  2. Leather Gloves
  3. Leather Industry
  4. Leather Shoes Making
  5. Leather Tannery
  6. Light Engineering
  7. Mechanical
  8. Paramedics
  9. Rice Processing
  10. Skills for Women
  11. Surgical Instruments
  12. Textile
  13. Tunnel Farming
  14. Wood Work, Arts & Handicrafts