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NAVTTC Projects

Empowering Futures Through a Legacy of Skills and Employability

NAVTTC Collaborations

National Vocational & Technical Training Commission is a government organization that plays a vital role in providing various training programs for employability,  job opportunities for individuals and training partners. NAVTTC contributes significantly to the nation’s workforce development and economic growth.

NAVTTC spearheads vocational training in Pakistan, crafting policies, curricula, and certifications. It bridges academia and industry, ensuring relevance and quality. Through assessments and partnerships, it cultivates skilled professionals, vital for national development.

Jobs and employment are pivotal to economic growth. NAVTTC’s vocational training equips individuals with skills tailored to market demands, enhancing job prospects. By fostering industry connections and accreditation, it ensures a competent workforce, driving sustainable employment and prosperity.
Trainers and assessors are the backbone of NAVTTC’s vocational training ecosystem. They deliver quality instruction, imparting essential skills to students. Through rigorous assessment, they evaluate proficiency, ensuring graduates meet industry standards. Their expertise drives excellence in vocational education, shaping tomorrow’s workforce.
In the vibrant tapestry of NAVTTC’s vocational realm, training facilitators shine as the thread that weaves success stories. Their dynamic approach spins learning into a seamless journey, guiding eager minds toward mastery and igniting pathways to prosperity.

NAVTTC Functions

Policy Formulation

Developing policies and strategies to enhance the quality and relevance of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs in Pakistan.

Curriculum Development

Creating standardized curricula for various vocational courses to ensure alignment with industry needs and standards.

Accreditation and Certification

Accrediting TVET institutions and programs while overseeing the certification process for individuals completing vocational training to maintain quality standards and recognition of skills.

Skill Assessment and Testing

Conducting assessments and testing to evaluate the proficiency of individuals in different vocational trades, ensuring they possess required competencies.

Industry Linkages

Facilitating partnerships between TVET institutions and industries to promote industry-relevant training programs and provide practical training opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships.

Capacity Building

Supporting the professional development of TVET instructors and staff through training programs and workshops to ensure effective delivery of vocational education.

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