1B-07 SAP HCMDownload
2IT-01 Artificial Intelligence (Robotics)Download
3H-02 Restaurant ManagerDownload
4Motor Winding-convertedDownload
5H-09 Event Mgt. Cooking & CateringDownload
6M-08 Gemology CarvingDownload
7B-10 SAP FIDownload
8M-09 Gemology FacetingDownload
9CON-02 Final Plumber with Solar water HeatingDownload
10CON-11 UPS & Solar PV TechnicianDownload
11B-11 Customer Services and Sales Representative ready for submissionDownload
12B-03 Computerized AccountingDownload
13Domestic Electrical Appliances and TechnicianDownload
14M-04 AutoCAD MechanicalDownload
15CON-04 Computer Network AssistantDownload
16H-11 Barista SkillsDownload
17A-01 Agricultural Farm ManagerDownload
18P-04 Energy Efficiency ManagementDownload
19B-26 Health Safety EnvironmentDownload
20CON-10 Industrial ElectricianDownload
21CON-03 BeauticianDownload
22T-01 Textile Designing with CAD CAMDownload
23B-12 Final Oracle DBA TrackDownload
24B-01 Applied Supply Chain ManagementDownload
25A-03 Livestock ManagerDownload
26CON-07 Dress MakingDownload
27CON-05 Fashion Designing and Dress MakingDownload
28M-03 Industrial AutomationDownload
29B-20 WQTT TechnicianDownload
30A-05 Integrated Pest ManagementDownload
31C-01 Advance Civil SurveyDownload
32Adda WorkDownload
33Pattern Drafting & CuttingDownload
34IT-10 CIT Development(Web, Software, Mobile Application Devleopment)Download
35CON-24 Computer Application & Office ManagementDownload
36IT-12 CIT (Game Development & Modelling)Download
37Building Electrician and Solar PV TechnicianDownload
38M-06 Advanced WeldingDownload
39T-04 Textile spinningDownload
40CON-14 MachinistDownload
41Textile HandicraftDownload
42H-03 Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDownload
43IT-17 Documentary and Film MakingDownload
44A-02 AgribusinessDownload
45IT-13 CIT Designing (UI UX) Web App DesigningDownload
46IT-03 Data Science and Analytics (Business Intelligence)Download
47H-07 CHEF DE PARTIEDownload
48IT-20 E-commerceDownload
49C-02 Construction Materials Testing-REVISEDDownload
51H-04 Food Technology (Preservation and Processing)Download
52Tractor Driver and MechanicDownload
53Citrus ProductionDownload
54Certificate in Oracle ERPDownload
55Ceative Arts (Fine Arts)Download
56Fire Safety TechnicianDownload
57Citrus ProcessingDownload
58IT-15 Graphic Designing & Video EditingDownload
59CON-16 Heavy Machinery OperatorDownload
60B-23 Export Import DocumentationDownload
61B-18 WWTTDownload
62M-07 Ship Steel FabricationDownload
63Web Designing and Graphic DesigningDownload
64A-15 Animal Disease controlDownload
65IT-06 Certificate in Cyber SecurityDownload
66Data Mining BIDownload
67B-04 Project ManagementDownload
68T-03 Industrial stitchingDownload
69B-15 Paint less Dent Repair & Vehicle Paint Technician (2)Download
70Graphic Design (Print Media)Download
71CON-01 WeldingDownload
72Advanced CAD-CAMDownload
73IT-11 CIT (Web Development with Python)Download
74Health and Safety OfficerDownload
75B-19 WQTTDownload
76Fahion StylistDownload
77B-05 SAP – B1Download
78T-02 Industrial Stitching Machine OperatorDownload
79B-06 SAP MMDownload
80Web Designing and Web EngineeringDownload
81Boiler OperatorDownload
82M-05 CAD-CAE fo Digital ManufacturingDownload
83B-21 Beauty therapy, Hair Styling and Skin CareDownload
84IT-29 System Administration and IT infrastructureDownload
85T-05 Quality Control and TestingDownload
86A-12 Fish FarmingDownload
87A-13 Hydroponic FarmingDownload
88IT-25 Fiber Optic TechnicianDownload
89IT-05 Internet of Things (IOT) system development and ApplicationDownload
90CON-12 Mobile Phone RepairingDownload
91P-02 Renewable Energy ( Solar & Biomass)Download
92CON-23 Repair & Maintenance of Home AppliancesDownload
93CON-38 Motorcycle MechanicDownload
94A-09 Honey bee farm managerDownload
95P-01 Renewable Energy ( Solar & Wind )Download
96CON-18 Auto MechanicDownload
97P-05 Advance Electrical Power SystemDownload
98IT-24 Offset Printing Machine OperatorDownload
99A-11 Arificial InseminationDownload
100B-14 Automotive MechatronicsDownload
101M-12 Plastic Injection Molding Machine OperatorDownload
102IT-04 Big Data AnalyticsDownload
103M-02 Die and Moulds MakerDownload
104IT-21 Certificate in Digital MarketingDownload
105A-02 Tunnel farmingDownload
106IT-18 3D AnimationDownload
107IT-27 ComputerVisionDownload
108A-04 Pesticide and fertilizer technicianDownload
109B-08 SAP FIORIDownload
110C-05 Heavy Machinery MechanicDownload
111A-16 Poultry housing and managementDownload
112M-01 Advance CNC OperatorDownload
113IT-02 Artificial Intelligence(Deep learning and Machine learning )Download
114B-09 SAP ABAPDownload
115IT-19 SEO Digital MarketingDownload
116A-10 Poultry farm managerDownload
117IT-23 Post Printing OperationsDownload
118A-08 Kitchen GardeningDownload
119CON-37 Plant OperatorDownload
120T-09 Textile MerchandisingDownload
121T-08 Textile Dyeing and Printing (Wet Processing)Download
122A-06 Agriculture soil and water testingDownload
123H-10 Food & Beverages ManagementDownload
124M-16 Chemical supervisorDownload
125IT-09 Certificate in Office ManagementDownload
126CON-40 Machine EmbroideryDownload
127CON-06 Hand EmbroideryDownload
128A-07 Dairy farm manager and dairy businessDownload
129H-01 Hotel ManagementDownload
130H-05 Food Packaging and Quality ControlDownload
131A-17 Veterinary poultry and dairy assistantDownload
132IT-22 Blockchain programmingDownload
133B-02 Financial AccountingDownload
134M-18 Sheet MetalDownload
135IT-26 Advance Embedded Systems EPTEKDownload
136M-11 PCB Design & ManufacturingDownload
137M-14 Ceramics ManufacturingDownload
138T-06 Textile WeavingDownload
139CON-17 HVACDownload
140CON-13 Hand and Machine EmborioderyDownload
141A-14 Mushroom cultivationDownload
142CON-22 Cook_ChefDownload
143T-07 Textile Knitting (Knitting Machine Operator)Download
144H-06 Culinary arts Professional ChefDownload
145M-15 Mechatronics RoboticsDownload
146C-03 Advanced Auto CAD (Civil-Electrical)Download
147T-11 Textile testing and quality control in garmentsDownload
148H-08 Baking and PatisserieDownload
149IT-16 Graphic DesigningDownload
150CON-25 Graphic DesigningDownload
151Advance Product Design and CAMDownload
152IT-07 Networking and Cloud ComputingDownload
153IT-08 Certificate in CISCO Network AdministrationDownload

SR NoTradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1Android Applications Developers
2Artificial Intelligence
3Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD /CAM)
4Graphic Design
5Industrial Automation
6Information Communication Technology
7Instrumentation Technology
8Media Science
9Mobile Phone Technician
11Robotics Technology
12Telecom Technology

Sr No.TradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1Auto MechanicDownload Download Download
2Automotive MechatronicsDownload Download Download
3Automotive Parts Production Machine OperatorDownload Download
4CeramicsDownload Download Download Download
5Electrical TechnologyDownload
6Electronics TechnologyDownload
7Fan Manufacturing TechnicianDownload Download Download
8Furniture TechnicianDownload Download Download Download
9Garment ManufacturingDownload
10Gem and Jewelry MakingDownload Download
11Leather Processing TechnologistDownload Download Download
12Leather Products Development ExpertDownload Download Download
13Mechanical TechnologyDownload
14Mechanical Technology (Machinist)Download Download Download
15Mechatronics TechnologyDownload
16Plastics ProcessorDownload Download Download
17Precision Instrumentation TechnicianDownload Download
18Surgical Instrument Manufacturing ExpertDownload Download Download
19Textile Wet ProcessingDownload Download
20WelderDownload Download Download

Sr #TradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1Civil TechnologyLevel 5
2Construction TechnologyLevel 5
3ElectricianLevel 2 Level 3 Level 4
4HVACRLevel 1 Level 4 Level 5
5Pipe FitterLevel 2 Level 3 Level 4

Sr NoTradeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
1Auto Electrician
3Dyes and Mould Maker
4Electrical Machine Winding Technician
6Food Processing and Packaging Technician
7Freight Forwarding & Shipping
8Generator Mechanic
9Hair & Beauty Services
10Hand & Machine Embroidery
11Heavy Machine Operator
12Hospitality Expert
13Hotel Management
14Industrial Garments Expert
15Industrial Merchandizer
16Media Developer
17Motorcycle Mechanic
18Offset Printing Machine Operator
19Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician
20Post Press Operations – (Packaging)
21Post Press Operations – (Publishing)
22Retail Sales Operations Management
23Satellite Dish Installer
24Shoe Technician
25Tourism Management
26Water Quality Management

SR NOTradeCompetency StandardsCurriculumAssessment Pack
1Artificial Intelligence
2Automation and Process Control
3Internet of Things
5Dies & Mould

SR NoQualificationURLs
Agriculture Machinery
1Agriculture Machinery HelperDownload
2Agriculture Machinery OperatorDownload
3Agriculture Machinery TechnicianDownload
4Agriculture Machinery MechanicDownload
Agriculture Soil, Water and Fertilizer Testing
5ASWFL AssistantDownload
6ASWFL TechnicianDownload
Cloud computing and Networking
7Cloud computing and NetworkingDownload
Construction Material Testing
Content Writing
9Level-2 CopywriterDownload
10Level-3 Freelance WriterDownload
11Level-4 Technical WriterDownload
12Level-5 Creative WriterDownload
Dies and Mould Technology
13Dies and Mould TechnologyDownload
Digital Marketing
14Digital MarketingDownload
Food Technology
15Food TechnologyDownload
Internet of Things
16IoT L2Download
17IoT L3Download
18IoT L4Download
19IoT L5Download
Metallurgy and Metal casting
20Metallurgy and Metal castingDownload
Pesticide & Fertilizer Technology
22Pesticide & Fertilizer TechnologyDownload
Security Services
23Security ServicesDownload
Textile Designing
24Textile DesigningDownload
Textile Merchandising
25Textile MerchandisingDownload
Tunnel Farming
26Tunnel FarmingDownload