Certification section is working under AC&IC wing of NAVTTC to improve the standard of TVET certification in the country in exercise of powers conferred under section-6(d) & 7(e) of NAVTTC act 2011,

- 6 (d) develop national occupational skills standards, curricula and trade testing certification system for all sectors in which vocational technical training is imparted.

- 7 (e) regulate the quality control for implementation of skills standards, syllabi, trade testing and Certification of vocational and technical training institutions.

Principle of Certification

Certification is formal attestation or confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always provided by some form of external review, education and assessment. The purpose of certification is to demonstrate that specified requirements are met. The requirements are based on already set standards.

Functions of Certification Section.

- Issuance of certificates for NAVTTC sponsored projects/programs.

- Maintaining the data base for TVET certificates issued by NAVTTC.

- Policy making to standardize TVET Certification after taking on board all stake holders.

- Verification and attestation of TVET certificates, issued by the Boards of Technical Education(BTEs) , Trade Testing Boards (TTBs) , PVTC and National Training Bureau (NTB) of provinces and Federal areas associated with Pakistan.

- Registration of Trade Testing Centers.

Procedure for Verification and Attestation

Procedure for verification and attestation of vocational and technical training certificates In exercise of powers conferred upon National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) under section-6 of NAVTTC act 2011. The competent authority is pleased to approve the “Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs), for verification and attestation of vocational and technical training certificates”. The scope of SOPs include diploma of associate engineering (DAE), G-I, G-II, G-III, National Certificates as per NVQF Qualifications, technical school certificates, various vocational and technical diplomas and certificates or equivalent other recognized provincial, national and international certificate awarding body. These SOPs provide a guideline to technical and vocational training institutes and their graduates for obtaining verification and attestation of afore mentioned certificates and diplomas in line with following procedures: Application form:- a) A TVET institute or a graduate may obtain prescribed application form, from designated website http://navttc.org or NAVTTC Regional Offices free of charge for the purpose of attestation of certificate(s). b) The application form duly filled in along-with original or photocopy of verified certificate(s) from respective certificate awarding body with a copy of CNIC/B- form shall be submitted to NAVTTC Regional Offices. No certificate or diploma shall be attested without seeking verification of such certificate from issuing authority. c) The Regional Offices of NAVTTC shall authorize an officer or more as signatory for attestation of certificates and custodian(s) of record. d) Upon receipt of application form and other prescribed documents, the authorized officer shall after scrutiny and necessary verification, affix attestation seal and barcode/QR code having applicant’s basic information i.e. name, CNIC/B-form, name of institute, trade and passing year; e) The authorized officer reserves the right to reject the case for attestation in case Of any ambiguity in applicant’s record, or non-submission of application on prescribed format etc. f) The authorized officer may refer a doubtful case to respective boards or certificates awarding bodies for re-verification. Upon receipt of such certificates, the boards or a certificate awarding boding shall return back the certification clearly mentioning the authenticity of certificate within five working days; g) The authorized officer shall return back the documents to institute or applicant on same day, after attestation of certificate(s) or rejecting the case with the reason to be recorded. A copy of record and attested a certificate shall be retained by respective regional offices on periodical basis. h) An institute or graduate may also send the prescribed application form duly filled in and other required documents through courier service approved by NAVTTC HQs; Register of TVET Graduates:- a) NAVTTC Regional Offices maintain a register of TVET graduates on periodical basis. b) The provincial boards of technical education, trade testing boards and other certificate awarding bodies provide the following record to regional offices of NAVTTC:- A copy of official gazette of TVET graduates on regular basis for updating of register of TVET graduates. Specimen signatures and stamps of their authorized officers verifying such certificates. c) The respective boards and other certificate awarding bodies required to make a practice of affixing a photograph of pass out on certificate; d) NAVTTC Regional Offices ensure provision of data (official gazette_ of TVET graduates from respective board of technical education, trade testing boards and other certificate awarding bodies on regular basis and update online register of TVET graduates. e) The regional offices update the record of attested certificates online on designated website by last week of each month. f) The regional offices seek the nomination of focal persons from boards of technical education, trade testing boards and other certificate awarding bodies operating in their respective jurisdiction for the purpose of liaison for verification & attestation of certificates and maintaining register of TVET graduates. Advisory committee:- Advisory committee consisting of all the heads of provincial boards of technical education, trade testing boards and other certificate awarding bodies communicate with NAVTTC from time to time and give their inputs for improvement and elimination of any ambiguity (if arise) for verification and attestation procedures.

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