Government of Pakistan
National Vocational & Technical Training Commission,
Proposal for conducting Technical / Vocational Training


Institute / Industry Profile

Specify your training plan:

Trade Name Sector Eligibility/Entry Qualification Duration Max Training Capacity

Evidence on basis of which you consider your Institute / Industry, potentially competent to be engaged
for NAVTTC Skill Development Program (Elaborate and support with documentary evidence)


Sr# Questions Answers
1 Estimated Population (With M/F Ratio) Around Your Institute/Industry?
2 Nature Of Sector Specific Industry Around Your Institute/Industry?
3 Emerging Trends For Employment/Self-Employment Of Your Area?
4 Quantify Potential Demand For Skilled Workforce In Your Area (Describe Demand of Skilled Workforce of Your area and also Provide Evidence If Available)?


Sr# Questions Answers
5 Arrangements Made By Your Institute/Industry To Utilize Demand And Materialize These Employment/Self-Employment Prospects?
6 Relevance Of Trades Offered By Your Institute/Industry With Employment Prospects?
7 Industrial Linkages Of Your Institute/Industry?
8 Do You Have Any Formal Career Counselling & Vocational Guidance Mechanism In Place In Your Institute/Industry?
9 Employment/Self-Employment Of Previously Passed-Out Trainees Of Your Institute/Industry Based On Tracer Study Etc?
10 If Proposal Is For High-TECH/High-End Technologies, Provide Details of Curricula & Teaching Learning Material along with source & endorsing agency of technical content of curricula Being Followed By Your Institute/Industry?
11 Your Proposed Training Plan (Trades / Duration / Number Of Trainees/ Training Methodology)?
12 Arrangements Made By Your Institute For On-The Job Training (OJT)?
13 Post Training Placement Plan Of Passed-Out(S)?
14 Any Other Information You Want To Provide In Support Of Your Application?