Government to allow Technical Training where no classroom-based  training involved



With the emergence of COVID-19, Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) institutes were also closed w.e.f. 13th March 2020 along with formal education institutes. Since then, Technical and Vocational Training is on hold in the country.After witnessing improvement in the COVID-19 situation, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, convened an interprovincial TVET Ministerial Conference to discuss the possibility of gradual resumption of technical and vocational training in the country.

All the provinces and AJK and GB participated in the meeting and the matter was discussed in detail. Subsequently, recommendations were also received from all the provinces and AJK and GB. It was recommended that since technical and vocational training is not necessarily conducted in the class room but there are many fields where trainings is delivered outside the class rooms, in open space and factory premises. For instances such construction related trainings as heavy machinery operators, heavy vehicle driving etc. do not need class room teaching. Similarly, there are trainings which take place at the factory premises and since almost the entire industry has opened up, therefore it is necessary to resume such trainings to fulfil their skilled workforce requirements. Therefore, it was recommended that such trainings can be resumed, where class room teaching is not involved by ensuring strict observance of COVID-19 precautionary SOPs. Considering the recommendations received from the provinces in the (TVET) sector, the Ministry of Federal Education and Provincial Training has decided to allow technical and vocational training, where no class room teaching is involved. This decision will be, however, strictly restricted to only such technical trainings where no class room teaching is involved. All technical and vocational training where class room teaching is integral part of training will resume only when formal educational institutes will reopen, as per decision of the Government of Pakistan.